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Hamster Rig and Cage


Story Pitch

A hamster sneaks out of his cage after its owner falls asleep by building a small contraption to make his hamster wheel spin and make noise. He hobbles down stairs into the kitchen and opens the refrigerator door. The hamster makes himself a sandwich and sits down on the kitchen table to eat his midnight snack. Just as the hamster is about to dig into his sandwich the owner, half asleep, walks into the kitchen and grabs a glass of milk from the fridge. The hamster stays completely still while the owner does not notice the hamster sitting next to him. The owner looks back at the hamster but he is gone from from the kitchen table. The owner looks down and inspects the little sandwich. The man hears a sound and quickly looks over the kitchen table but all he sees is a bowl and a small shadow. The owner inspects the small shadow and realizes something is hiding behind the bowl. The owner grabs a metal mixing bowl and tries to trap the hamster but the hamster is able to escape by clinging to his owner back. The hamster drops to the floor and escapes as the owner is inspecting the empty metal bowl. Cut back to the hamster cage where the hamster’s contraption stops working and the wheel stops making sound. The owner hears the wheel stop making sound and looks down at the table only to see the small sandwich missing. The owner runs out of the kitchen but slips and falls to the ground. The hamster reaches his cages entrance but  realizes that he dropped his sandwich. The man gets up in the kitchen and runs toward his bedroom. The hamster glances over and spots a rubber band and paper clip and comes up with a plan. The owner and begins running up the stairs but trips again and hurts himself. The hamster makes a launcher using the rubber band and ties the string around his waist. The owner finally stumbles into the room when suddenly the hamster launches across the room making the owner trip on the string and knock his head on the side of his bed. When the owner wakes up he looks over to sees the hamster smiling back at him with food in his mouth.

Hi my name is Dylan Downes. I’m a second year 3D animation student at RIT and in this blog I will post the latest news about my 2nd quarter film.

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